Saturday, April 26, 2008

... bring May flowers!!

Daisies are coming!! Kendall's cake has been pink roses for the last two years, so she deserved something new. I really love daisies, but couldn't do them at home the way I could at work... until I got my airbrush! It was Kendall's mom that got it for me, so I knew I had to use it on her, but I forgot until now how much I like putting the white daisies on the blue airbrushed background. Hope she likes it!!

April Showers

A little more fun with the airbrush! My storm clouds didn't come out like I wanted so I covered them with some grey and white frosting ones. The residents loved it.

Michael will be leaving the Ambassador soon, but I have already heard that I will be able to continue making their cakes. I'm really excited about this. We have really fallen in love with them!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bridal Fair

I was invited to my first Bridal Fair and was so excited that I wasn't sure I was going to make it to April. By about Monday, I was so nervous that I wasn't sure I was going to make it to Saturday!! Things did go extremely well, and I really think the cake was elegant. We made lots for show and lots for samples, so there was an unbelievable amount left over! We took some to the residents there in town, and some to Michael's residents and also had some for Sunday School this morning! Not much disappointment this weekend!

I did try something new this weekend. Actually, a couple things. First was the three layer cake in the middle. I really liked how that made such a massive, yet smooth line to it. I have also seen many cakes with ribbons around the bottom of the cake and had to wonder what that did to the cake. The frosting did soak into the ribbon that I put on Friday night, but by Saturday morning, it was evenly soaked so you couldn't really see it as a bad thing. By Sunday morning, the red had seeped into the frosting, but again, I couldn't see that hurting anything. I guess it will all depend on what the bride wants!


This was for one of our favorite residents. Michael said I was naughty because I made her cry! I didn't mean to do that, but I did want it really special!


The highlight of March had to be Kathy's wedding cake. She had arranged something else, and that did make me a little sad, but I really did want her to have what she wanted!!

So anyway, I didn't feel extremely well that day but I was going to go to my "Second Saturday Scrapbooking" at church, and then hopefully make the wedding later that night. We had just pulled in the parking lot and were starting to unload when I got a call from Marci, Kathy's very frustrated sister. What Kathy had arranged didn't turn out anywhere near what she wanted and they didn't know what to do. I thought about it for a while and really only came up with Hy-Vee in Omaha or Council Bluffs that even MIGHT be able to come through. It was weighing very heavy on me because I really wanted to do this, but could I really do it in only seven hours??

I got Marci called back and told her I was on it and I would have something, but really couldn't promise WHAT!! Mallory and I got home and got started and were thanking my mother who already had the boys and said they'd be fine where they were. I got started and was really shocked at what I got done! I knew I had to use styrofoam for the bottom layer for the simple reason that there was no way to bake and cool a cake enough to frost. The middle layer was even a bit too warm when I frosted it! Then there was a matter of DEER in the road on my travels to the reception, so I was really surprised it stood, but it did. Many, many pegs!!

And that's my emergency wedding cake! It slid a little, but not just everyone noticed. It was really nice and Kathy even said it was really just what she would have ordered! I had to make her topper later, but she has one! It has the date she actually got married on a cruise, but the reception was in March. Just a bit of trivia there!

Little more March

This was two events in one cake. It was a very small get-together to honor a 25th Wedding Anniversary and a 50th Birthday. That's about all I know about that event!

Then there was the residents' cake for March. I really love doing that and I love getting to deliver it. The kids do, too.

We also had an order for the local taxidermist. He was turning 95!! Wow!! Still very energetic and chasing his dreams! He started the local Nature Center with some of his animals and it really seems to be doing well. I still have to take the kids over, but we now really look forward to seeing it!

Also in March was our February/March Birthday Bash. It was on Easter, so I made an Easter Egg for each of the February and March birthdays. Not as elaborate as my usual February Bash, but also nothing as elaborate as I like to do for Mallory! Hopefully we can do something with their friends this summer.

Little more February

Just found a few more strays from February! I knew I was behind and needed to take the time to see what I had posted and what blew right by!!

This was my mom's Valentine Birthday Cake. She usually shares a birthday party with Matthew and has to take his theme, which has a tendency to involve mudding vehicles or Marvel Comic Heroes. It also usually involves a bit of whining about needing some pink hearts! This year she got her own cake and her own party, so I made her a Valentine heart cake! Love you Mommy!

Precious little Madalyn and Ava are sisters that really need something special. I did some Barbie Princesses last year, but this year their aunt would be getting married in a few days and they needed to limit the amount of cake! This was really less than a half sheet, but I stacked it up to make a strawberry patch for Strawberry Shortcake. Matthew was just in awe over Ava's name only being three letters. "Sweet!" (Pronounced, SWAYT) Of course "Mat" is too, the way he spells it, but they GAVE her a three letter name. Some kids just have great parents.

Ok, back to cakes. Next was a poor soul who must turn 50 next year and I don't think her hubby plans on being very nice about it. I tried to be nice. Hope it did something for her to know that!

Now I think that's it for February, but I also found a few more March, so I'm still not done...