Sunday, November 4, 2007

Word is out!

Well, I had nine cakes through my little business this weekend, and only five at the bakery. This didn't please my manager, but I keep reminding her that what I make on my own is what allows me to come play there!
I had four for an 85th birthday party, two baby showers, a big Spiderman 3, and two other birthday cakes.

One of the baby shower cakes was pretty specific, with a photo reference. They wanted it to match their party goods. So we put the carriage on top and all the little baby words around the sides. It was really fantastic! The other baby shower was not as specific. It was for a little girl and they wanted it in pink and brown, maybe with a carriage or blocks or something. I just made another carriage! I really liked that design, too. I might even use it again!

My tough one was a Spiderman 3. It's stacked and airbrushed at several points. The bottom half of the building is red and black, then you add the next layer and airbrush it blue and black, then add the sand and fire and airbrush that. Just a lot of steps, but so much fun. I'm really having a ball with this new airbrush! Thanks Jaymi!!!

The set of four was for the mother of Dad's neighbor and friend. These boys, Craig and Larry, are long time friends of Dad's and two of four kids. I only knew of Craig and Larry (who my kids call Uncle Larry!), but met their sisters when I delivered the cakes. Craig was very specific about flavors and colors on them. I mostly followed instructions, but when it comes right down to doing them, sometimes things change last minute. He wanted one of them trimmed in green. I was just hoping that he wasn't thinking about the rosebuds having green leaves and needing to add something else, so I added the purple and lavendar myself. On the chocolate one, he wanted brown trim. Well, I base iced it in chocolate which leads to an obvious brown, but then it needed color, too. I added pinks since pink looks so striking on brown. Fortunately, everyone was extremely pleased!!

My last order was actually the one that's been on the books the longest! Two November birthdays, one being a 90 year old, and the other being one of my best friends, whose birthday is on my anniversary! I've had his planned for a while. They wanted something really small, so I ran off a tractor that's at least in John Deere colors. The fall one was actually my favorite. I told Michael I wanted to keep it! I made some yellow orange roses, light brown acorns and chocolate pine cones. I really love fall cakes, and this was my first chance to make one!