Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Birthday

 Just posting a couple small cakes to remind me I haven't been updating my site!  (For over a year now... yikes!)  If you haven't found me on facebook, look for "cakes by michelle" and then choose carefully... there are more than 12!!  The link on this page might help.

My grandmother has a Christmas Eve birthday and you can imagine how her childhood went!  Every year (at least those WITHOUT a blizzard) we have soup and cake on Christmas Eve to celebrate Grandma Rose's birthday.  Then we proceed to open presents, which, yes, blows over her birthday yet again, but we try!!  I make her a cake that has NOTHING to do with Christmas, usually doing her favorite:  Tweetie!!  This year I played with some fondant; something I really need to use more.  It makes such a pretty cake.  It just tastes horrible!!  For my wedding cakes, I just smooth everything out of the frosting so it looks like fondant.  One of these days, I'm going to try it!  This one was not so successful because I didn't have enough to cover the cake and I couldn't find my smoother!!  I just pulled up grass to cover my shortfallings and it looked fine!

The really strange thing is that my other grandmother also has a Christmas Eve birthday.  It's really been hard growing up... as the family expands it's just impossible to get everyone together.  Would love to gather together at Grandma's house like we used to do.  It was so easy for us as kids to just hop in the car and go to Grandma's house... I had no idea what it took to put all that together!!  Reality really bites sometimes.  Just not ready to let go of all of that, even though new memories are constantly being made.

The other small cake is just our annual cake I make for the kids to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  This year we almost forgot, so we gathered around the cake and sang, but were too full to have cake!!  Since the next day was Sunday, I took it to the Kindergartners' Sunday school class.  I think they were okay with a forgotten cake!!