Monday, May 28, 2007

Karli Karli Karli

Ok, I thought graduation was over, but this was cosmetology! I made a little ponytail with a pink bow out of the tassel. Karli is Matt & Nic's sister... the youngest of the four sisters. Nic's coming to get it in the morning and to see the house. I need to tidy up!! But I had to post this one first. Been having fun with the stacked cakes, but this was a late one and I'm going to call it a day!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Late last night

These were the cakes of last night. One more to go for the weekend, but I need eggs. It's amazing how many eggs I go through. I told Michael I need chickens!! From the sound of it, you're still pretty limited on eggs, but I really want my chickens!! Anyway, the kids wanted to help with these, as always, so Morgan made the blue, Matthew made the purple and Mallory made the yellow. They had to go to bed before these were done, so this may be all they see of them!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

...and a wedding!!

I've been so excited about this one! First of all, it's a couple that is just incredible and incredibly made for each other. I just love Christian weddings! Even the bridesmaids and groomsmen had incredible things to say of the couple.
Anyway, Amber and Jeremy had very little concern for the cake, except that they wanted three tiers and it needed to be white cake with chocolate frosting and pink detail. She pretty much left the rest up to me, so I started with a crown cake topper. It's the newest thing in all the books, so I was anxious to see it done. They also never requested a groom's cake, so I took that upon myself as well! We all give Jeremy a hard time about his Jeep. It's bright orange, has a ladder on top, and never has the doors on. So that had to be his cake. But it had to have some sign of Amber, so I added her veil to the passenger seat. I was afraid of what his mom would do. She had such a stunning garden spread going on, and I was afraid that an orange jeep would send her over the brink! It was quite the opposite, however. She was overwhelmed with how appropriate it was! She wanted to work his jeep into the theme as well, but never figured out how! I was really counting the groom's cake as part of our total available servings of cake, but Jeremy didn't want it cut!! We made it through the line once and several people came back, so there was obviously enough cake. Whew!!

Final Grads!

Ok, these are the last graduation cakes. This is from a church to honor their graduates. Ree felt bad that she had ordered her other cakes from the bakery when she found out that I do some at home, but that's not really something I can tell her from the bakery! I've also been busy enough not to really care where I had to do them, it was so hectic either way! The sad part is why I was doing them alone. Janice, my co-worker, lost her son-in-law in a tragic accident during a church event. I just can't imagine what life has been for her family these last few weeks, so the last thing I wanted was her worrying about the bakery. Cindy called in some help and we survived. I'm not looking forward to doing it again soon, but we survived!! Glad it only happens once a year. Now, what happened to Mother's Day???

Football Grad

Nathan's the son of friends from my school. They were waaaay older than me in school, but it's funny how we seem the same age now! Guess we're all just old! Juli said she wanted Nathan's football number on the cake because he's pretty proud of it, so I did that. She came up with the football players and wanted a special field, but that was beyond me. We were just hoping he'd understand that I did my best for him! It wasn't much in the middle of graduation week at the bakery. We did 105 cakes by last Saturday, and I think they did about 12 more yesterday. I took the week off!! Haven't heard yet if Nathan's was a pass or a fail, but everyone said they liked it. His girlfriend helps with Cubbies and she said it was great, so maybe that means he liked it, too.

These were for a life long family friend. Mom used to babysit Tim, Tim used to babysit us, and we used to babysit these kids. Just goes on and on! Timmy and Jamie had been to Nic and Matt's graduation and were really hoping for a chocolate cake like theirs, so I was really glad I had already planned it that way! Tim never requested flavors, so I just did a chocolate and a vanilla. Good call, I guess!


Internet's been out for a while, so I'll have to catch up some!! These were for the twins, the babies of some friends of mine. Their sisters were a bit upset that they never got graduation cakes like this one, and Nic was so understanding as he so sweetly said, "You never knew Michelle." Little brothers, I guess!! Nic's the baby of the six, and he seems to fit the title! Everybody loves Nic. Matt's the drummer, and very quiet. My Matthew thinks he's pretty cool, but they're very much alike. Matthew's not much into asking questions and Matt's not much into offering information. So anyway, these were Debbie's last and she's now done with school. Wow. Quite a ways off for me.
Well, I better keep posting while I have internet. Who knows when it will go out!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Graduation arriving

Things are getting pretty busy, but I'm hanging in there so far. My best friend called in a request for a cake for her 13 year old daughter, so I got something lovely together for her. She wasn't very picky!
These two are for some friends at church. She let me do his cakes early because she has freezer space to accommodate them until graduation. That helps a ton!!