Sunday, June 24, 2007


This was one I'd hoped I'd never have to do!! Basketweaving takes forever!! But it did turn out very nice. This was also the first time I'd had someone else do the flowers. They had called their florist to talk to me about what would fit between the tiers and I thought we had it all straight. I thought wrong. I wound up taking a lot of them apart and redoing them, and wishing I'd redone the rest. I think I'll do my own flowers from now on. There has been one other cake that I really wish I'd had more floral control, but she loved how it looked, so that's what matters.
Anyway, the photographer was setting up at the same time I was, so she offered to take our picture. I declined, but she talked Mallory into it! She's the real expert anyway. They really enjoyed Mallory's knowledge of the process. They were quizzing her about everything, and even I was surprised at how much she knew! I've got to get her going on the rest!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hurry Hurry!

This was a rush! I wanted to make it last night, but we spent the whole evening working on the pool and I was too tired. So I had to rush it this morning. There's only one birthday at the Ambassador in June, so I made her favorite. This also ensures that the residents get some chocolate frosted chocolate cake, because I can't stand it and don't usually make it if I don't have to!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

...and one more from the past

Michael just had a new administrator join him in Sidney and we found a connection! I made her wedding cake! So I thought I'd welcome her with photos she might recognize. The white one is hers and the chocolate is the groom's cake.


My cousin requested a road and lake scene for a retirement party, and she was going to find a truck and camper to add to it. I hope she did, because this one looks a bit dull without it!!

Pastor's Cakes

This was a celebration for a pastor at a local church. They requested lemon cake with lemon frosting. Actually, it was my friend who was in charge of coordinating this whole party who requested lemon cake with lemon frosting. Sometimes there's a payoff to being in charge!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Poor Bob

Didn't realize this didn't post... hope somebody looks back and finds it!! This is another one for the Ambassador residents. Mallory was pretty concerned about putting flowers on Bob's cake. She wasn't sure he liked flowers. I figured he'd like these, so we sent it out like this, but then found out Bob fell before the party and didn't even get any of his cake. Michael said he lost his balance after seeing such an awful cake. What a supportive guy!!