Sunday, May 10, 2009


I had one princess and one hunter cake this weekend! The princess was to be Cinderella, but I could do whatever I wanted. I had just found some little fondant cutters on sale, so I decided to make the scene where the little sparrows were making Cinderella's dress. I had a lot of fun with that one.
The little boy wanted a deer hunting cake, but I could not find a deer for him anywhere. I ended up doing a camo background and found a tiny cap gun to put on it for him. I did his borders in safety orange. He was still impressed!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tastes like Chicken...

Ok, have to finish this so Nic can see it. He's down in Arizona where it's warm, so I have no idea why I even care, but I guess I must love him.

This was actually a 50th Wedding Anniversary. The original wedding had been quite small, so someone brought a bucket of KFC to it for lunch. It has long been a family joke that KFC catered their wedding. I met the kids at a party we catered and we were just brainstorming the cake after they found out I do cakes. Someone said it would be cool to do this, and I was sure in! That sounded like fun! I didn't slope the bucket as much as I planned, but the trip it had to make made me a little nervous. I'm much braver with cakes that just stay at my house! Anyway, it doesn't show up, but there are some black sugar sprinkles on the chicken for pepper! It really turned out cool and was a total hit at the party!