Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This is another one of my first cakes. I think it was number three, in May of 2005. I don't have a very impressive picture (one is scanned and one is a really lousy digital camera!), but it was an impressive cake! It had love phrases in yellow.The groom's cake was served at the rehearsal dinner. It was a baseball "signed" by all the players and coaches... the bridal party and parents!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Birthday

My girlfriend's husband is a Halloween baby, so we made him a spooky birthday cake with the airbrush she just gave me! I had tried to do the red stripes on the bowling pin with the airbrush last week, but I couldn't get it working right. I knew this one had no fine lines, so I played around with it. Eventually, I discovered that the needle had a profuse bend at the tip. So I got that straightened out enough to do this one and will get another needle ordered this week. The strange thing on the tombstone is his Waterbuffalo hat. He was the Grand Poobah for a couple years!


There's a sweet couple at the Ambassador, and their daughter ordered a 66th anniversary cake for them. The kids and I had just visited them and they have a whole wildlife sanctuary and playground outside their window, so I decided to put wildlife tracks all over their cake. I also added a couple piles of leaves, but I'm not sure that turned out as neat as it looked in my head!! Anyway, while I was making this one, I got a call from Michael saying that it was their 67th anniversary. So I called their daughter back to confirm. Sure enough, she had gone through the same conversation and assured me that it was correct! So anyway, it's so nice to give the residents a little taste of home and we are certainly glad to know this sweet couple!!

Monday, October 22, 2007


I finally felt on top of things this time. I had Friday and Saturday both off from the bakery to focus on this one, first of all because it was pretty big, and secondly because it included a groom's cake. I don't particularly like the flat stacked cakes because of the difficulty getting them set up on site, and also because of the balance factor! There is just so much that could go wrong. However, everything that went wrong had nothing to do with that! It was actually the humidity. Once we got everything unloaded at the site, the frosting started to slide right off the sides of the cake. We redid several places, then I rewrote all the love words on the sides. We spent a couple hours getting it back and then left a note to the bride about really hoping it stayed. The bride's mom talked to me yesterday and said no one saw anything wrong, so I was exceedingly relieved to hear that!!
The groom's cake was a bowling pin, which I told him would not be correct in size and proportion if they actually wanted any cake from it! I also made a separate keepsake tier for Molly and Chris for their first anniversary.


We started early on this one! 285 roses. She wanted Nebraska red roses, so the lightest ones didn't work out. I think there were still over 150 roses on the cake! This little guy is the individual topper I've been making for my brides. It seems to be well appreciated by the brides, but I'm sure even more so by the cake cutters!!

Go Diego Go!

One of my homeschool friends ordered this one. It's one of the printables I can make at the bakery.


Since I'm a bit behind, here are the last two birthday cakes for the residents at the Ambassador. The white one is September and the chocolate is October.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Had to post this one because I just heard from Brecka. They have reached their first anniversary and just had their wedding cake topper. She said it was still really good!! That's great to know after a year in the freezer!! I've had a lot of fun with the wedding cakes. Just did one last weekend and have another one this weekend. The camera's still in my purse, but I'll try to get it loaded soon. Just had to get this one up, though because it's one of my favorites. Actually, there's only one I didn't like and that was because of the flowers, not anything about the cake. Brecka was actually the one that got me started on the little keepsake toppers. Her top tier was an 8" square, which I thought was a lot of cake to put away, so I made her a 6" keeper. Then we could serve the 8" tier. It worked out so well to just put the keepsake tier right in the fridge and not have the cake cutters have to mess with it that I have done that ever since. Everyone seems to be very pleased with the idea! Anyway, must get on to other things. I have a birthday cake for the residents this afternoon!