Sunday, November 16, 2008

50th Anniversary, June 2008

This was a really fantastic 50th Anniversary cake I did this summer. It was a 3 tier with sotas... which I said I'd never do again! It takes a few days for my hand to recover! But it was for a really special couple. Pretty much my first employers and they've taken good care of me ever since. We just lost her a few weeks ago to a 22 year battle with cancer. She fought long and hard and will be missed by many.
Her original flowers were daisies, which I had a lot of! I gathered up a whole bucket full from my garden and found that they had no other plans for the cake table, so I used them all!
I also had daisies on the chocolate sheet cakes. Those were very striking as well.

Yes, I have a great many other cakes to catch up as well, but this is a start!

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