Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Carrot cake

Just had a small order this morning, but fun. It's a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Elizabeth's Little Dots

This was supposed to be an all fondant cake, but I told Elizabeth that I can smooth out the buttercream and save time and money, plus people won't be picking off the fondant! She said she just wanted it like the picture and wanted people to like it. Everyone seemed to love it! Not sure how I always end up cutting cake, but hey, I guess I'm getting pretty good at it!! Mallory played the punch fairy again and all was well in the world.

The groom's cake was a soccer ball. I'd done this design as a baseball before, but it sank into the cake a bit. Thought I had the problem solved by putting supports under the ball, but then the ball just "deflated," so I'm not sure I solved anything! Well, it looked great to the bride and groom, but it just wasn't what I was thinking it could be. Next time, I may fondant cover the whole ball and see what that does. Like I said, it wasn't traumatic, but I was nervous.

I've also been making separate toppers for my brides. It's so much safer to have her layer to save already be saved! Since her cake was in three colors, I made her topper white with all three colors of dots. It was really pretty, but I just never could get a decent picture of it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fremont County Fair

So I took a little something to fair this year... and found I hadn't followed the rules!! All cakes, no matter what category, have to be tasted. Well, I hadn't counted on that. It is real cake, but I just didn't pay attention to things that I normally HAVE to! Didn't even watch for egg shells, no idea if I washed my hands and REALLY overbaked them so they could hold for three days. A normal cake stands for about six hours, so I knew three days was going to be a test in itself! They gave me a purple ribbon, but I'm afraid it may have been an act of compassion!! I checked for next year, and they said one edible tier would be fine. I can do that, but I'd still like supporting tiers to be completely overbaked!!

Anyway, the roses are royal icing, which means they're hard enough to crack teeth, but also strong enough to stand the Iowa heat. If I had been thinking, I would have put posts in each one. Had to learn that the hard way. I was putting them on the night before and at least four of them fell... actually rolled... off and I had to fix a little streak all the way down, along with the vines and shell border. What a mess. So, on a score card of 100 points, if I even got the 25 points for appearance I'm a lucky gal!!

You need what?!?

Always a fun time when you're knee deep in last minute fair preparations and Darling Hubby calls asking if you're remembering the residents' birthday cake. Of course, dear. They wanted white, right? That's good! Anyway, as we were going over the names, Michael told me who was no longer there, and it took me a while to realize he was saying that his favorite resident had passed away. I can only imagine how hard that is on him. She was a fun one. Always a dandy... "Finer than chocolate candy," was always her response to how she was doing. So, this is also in memory of Mary.

...catching up

This one was for my favorite twins. Nic is kind of sporty and Matt is pretty farmy. However the differences don't really end there. In fact, I've never seen any similarities in them other than their date of birth. But anyway, this was a somewhat last minute cake, so we had to come up with something fast. It was a bit disappointing because Nic is so fun to impress. Matt was impressed enough... it's cake. Normal reaction from him!! They're great boys and so talented.

The order for this one came from Michael's work. He just wanted a birthday cake for some gamer friends of his. No, I still don't have my airbrush; this is actually spray paint for cakes. It's new at the store and I haven't found it anywhere else yet. It can really fog up the house quickly, so next time I may try doing it in the mud room!!

...Then there was a groom's cake. A brownie, actually. It was for a Cubs fan, obviously!! The bridal cake was done by a family member who actually preceded me at the bakery. I never got to work with her, but I've met her a few times and she is a complete riot. Anyway, her cake was all red velvet (don't envy that job!!), so the groom's cake needed to be something far out of the ordinary. The bride's mom suggested brownies, since they were the groom's favorite. Don't know how you go wrong with that!! He loved it!!


Morgan's best friend was having a birthday party while we were gone, so we had to freeze this one. Jake's mom said it worked very well! She had approached me thinking Jake was asking for the world, but after some of the cakes my kids have requested, this wasn't too hard. At the last moment, when Jake's dad was coming for the cake, the boys asked if Jake and Matt, his brother, could spend the night. We got that all worked out so when they all came we looked at the cake, then Steve and the cake left. We never could get a straight answer out of Jake as to whether he liked the cake, so I was very nervous that I just didn't get what he wanted. Well, the party went very well and it seemed that he was really happy with his cake, so the only thing his mom can figure is that he was afraid Steve would eat it on the way home!! Now what would make him think that?...